The Magic of Peer

Being a manager can be isolating and lonely. Campfire offers real connection and support through learning groups (called “Campfires”) centered around peer discussion.

Empowering Managers Through Authentic Learning

Leadership isn’t a destination; it’s an ongoing pursuit. Campfire creates space for managers to have the most meaningful conversations—and do the best work—of their lives.

A Fresh Approach to Manager Development

Campfire cultivates strong leaders through a unique blend of content, conversation, and technology—without extra work for HR.


Campfires aren't just another lecture. Our interactive, guided learning experiences offer real community and tools managers can apply right away.

Real conversations

Managers connect with their peers in guided discussion groups to problem-solve, learn, support each other, and develop leadership skills.

compelling content

Managers choose sessions to attend from our content library that address the challenges they face every day.

Relevant Topics for Everyday Challenges

Each Campfire session helps managers tackle their real challenges and needs—with insights and solutions they can apply right away. Some of our topics include:

• Imposter Syndrome
• Career conversations
• Performance discussions
• Self-awareness
• Personal ownership + growth
• Managing burnout
• Inclusive leadership

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supportive community

Learning accelerates when it's coupled with shared experiences. That's why community is at the heart of everything we do.

Connection + Reflection

These single sessions focus on various leadership topics and bring together participants from different companies and backgrounds. Users self-register for topics according to their needs.

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Minimal Structure, Maximum Results

Managers self-register for peer coaching sessions where they can seek and offer advice in a lightly-structured setting, hosted by a leadership development expert.

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Because Manager Training Doesn't Stop at the Manager

HR leaders come together in a guided group session to discuss issues that are top-of-mind and share strategies for success.

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One For Your Sleeve, More For Your Back Pocket

We hand-pick the best resources to support the learnings from Campfire sessions. These include Campfire Cards (supplemental tools built to coincide with each session topic), blog posts, articles, research reports, videos, and podcast episodes.

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Campfire helps HR leaders, managers,
and executives reach their goals
Real Support
for HR

Manager development programs can be time-consuming for HR. Not with Campfire! We’ll take care of everything.

Authentic Learning
for Managers

Our focus on experiential learning helps managers become effective and confident in their role.

Powerful Outcomes
for Companies

Investing in meaningful manager development yields better employee engagement, healthier culture, and higher profits.

“As I got more comfortable sharing and getting feedback from other people, it has been very helpful. It has grown on me a lot. I assume a lot like therapy would work.”
I didn’t feel like I was there to learn or even that I was being taught. I felt vulnerable and open with people I’d never met. Everyone needs this.”


“Absolutely love the breakout sessions! Prompts, hard subjects, perfect amount of chit-chat time and the small group really helps!”


“I love connecting with people and being able to be authentic about what I’m struggling with. I feel much more confident being with a group of like-minded people.”


The Campfire ended up changing my entire day ... Thank you so much for a program that changed my attitude and my actions.


“As I got more comfortable sharing and getting feedback from other people, it has been very helpful. It has grown on me a lot. I assume a lot like therapy would work.”


I love hearing others’ ideas and input. Being new to my role, it has been great hearing from those that are more experienced.