what we do

The tradition of gathering around a campfire for warmth, safety, storytelling, inspiration, and connection dates back to our oldest ancestors.

When we named Campfire in 2020, that warm, connected gathering place was what we imagined. Our mission was to create a place where managers could gather together, gain inspiration and authentic knowledge, then go out into the world inspired to do better and be better.

Until Campfire, this level of immersive manager development was reserved for exclusive, expensive programs. You may have noticed we have a soft spot for the color purple. There’s a reason for that: The color purple was once exclusive to the royal elite (on penalty of death!). At Campfire, this color is our reminder that everyone deserves access to the good stuff.

That’s why we set out to create the most impactful leadership development program out there—that’s also the most accessible.

who we serve

Manager effectiveness is the #1 concern for HR leaders—yet most companies don’t have a comprehensive manager development program. Why? Because most programs are inaccessible, expensive, and a lot of extra work for HR.  

Campfire makes quality manager development easy for HR, accessible and enjoyable for managers of all experience levels, and affordable for companies of any size.

the campfire difference

Campfire’s unique approach to manager effectiveness lies in the alchemy of actionable content, beautifully simple technology, and deep human connection. Managers learn from and support each other in an immersive, interactive development program that transforms the way they lead their teams.

our mission and values

At Campfire, our mission is to provide universal access to deeply connected experiences that inspire people to live better lives, together.

These are the values that guide everything we do:


We welcome all personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives and encourage each other to show up uniquely and unapologetically as our full selves.


We want to create magical, memorable moments for our customers that surprise and delight.


We want to lower the stakes for learning by encouraging each other to try new things and learn from everything we do.


We believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best of intentions.


When companies invest in manager development with Campfire, they not only build stronger managers in their organization—they help build healthier, more connected communities everywhere.

Our “Campfires  for Good'' program provides free Campfires for communities in need. We gather individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster stronger connections and deeper understanding while tackling important topics and challenges in the community.


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Everyone needs this.”
Absolutely love the breakout sessions.
The Campfire ended up changing my entire day.
I love connecting with people and being able to be authentic about what I’m struggling with.
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