About Us

Closing the Connection Gap with Coaching and Conversations

Our Story

Connection is at the heart of everything we do at Campfire.

What better way to symbolize connection than a campfire? The tradition of gathering around a campfire for warmth, safety, storytelling, inspiration, and connection dates back to our oldest ancestors. When we named Campfire in 2020, that warm, connected gathering place was what we imagined. We wanted to create space for people to gather together, gain inspiration and knowledge, and go out into the world inspired to bring connection to the people in their lives.

The social connection gap is real. We’re experiencing an epidemic of loneliness,and the workplace can become a spark for connection. By helping people bring connection in their interactions, we’re helping to light the match for that spark.

Connected people -- Connected cultures -- Connected companies.

The Campfire Way

The Connected Leadership Framework

We believe everything is all about connection. Connecting to yourself, connecting to others, and connecting to your company.


Connect with yourself by understanding who you are, taking care of your needs, and making progress.


Connect with your team through conversations building trust, genuine care, and ownership.


Connect to your company’s purpose, build culture, and drive the most important outcomes.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Campfire exists to provide access to deeply connected experiences that inspire people to live better lives, together.

We believe that a better world starts with a single conversation. Conversations connect people. Connected people build connected teams. Connected teams build connected companies. Connected companies build connected communities. Connected communities change the world.

These are the values that guide everything we do:

Be Yourself

We welcome all people and perspectives and encourage you to show up uniquely and unapologetically as your full self.

Create Peak Moments

We want to create magical, memorable moments for our customers that surprise and delight.

Everything is an Experiment

We want to lower the stakes for learning by encouraging trying new things and learning from everything.

Assume the Best

We believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best of intentions.

Campfires for Good

When companies invest with Campfire, they not only build stronger leaders in their organization—they help build healthier, more connected communities everywhere. Our “Campfires for Good'' program allows us to use our platform and community to bring leaders together to solve problems in their communities.

Have a way we can help in your community?
Let us know at community@getcampfire.com