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Companies who invest in meaningful manager development see higher employee engagement, stronger company culture, and increased profits.

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Better ManageRS Benefit Everyone

Effective Managers = Engaged Teams

The #1 driver of employee engagement is effective management. Invest in your managers, and improve your entire workforce.

Investing in Manager Development Pays Off

When managers know how to successfully engage employees, it shows in the bottom line—to the tune of a 48% increase in profits!

Leadership Development Managers Love

Forget lectures and boring training videos. Campfire’s innovative, guided discussions are engaging and enjoyable. 97% of managers who try Campfire don’t want to lead without it.

Lead Better, Grow Faster

When managers lead more effectively, the results speak for themselves. Employee engagement goes up, culture improves, and companies grow faster.

97% of managers who try Campfire say they wouldn't want to lead without it!

65% of Americans would choose a new boss over a salary increase.

Only 15% of companies have a leadership development program.

Great Managers (and Successful Companies)
Aren’t Born: They’re Built

69% of modern leaders expect more from their companies when it comes to leadership development—yet just 5% of companies have integrated manager development programs.

Investing in leadership drives real results in profits, engagement, and culture. Campfire turns your managers—and teams—into your company’s competitive advantage.

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Immersive Experiences. Transformative Leadership

Campfire isn’t another static lecture. It’s interactive, experiential learning for managers that connects them with their peers in guided discussion groups.

Each Campfire session helps managers tackle their real challenges and needs—with insights and solutions they can apply right away:

• Managing Yourself
• Building Relationships
• Leading Your Team
• Driving Outcomes

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