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If you’re one of the 85% of HR leaders who rank manager effectiveness as their #1 concern, we’ve got good news: Campfire is a powerful, hands-on manager development solution—that won’t add more work to your plate!

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Putting White Space
Back on Your Calendar

Your plate is already full. Campfire lightens the load AND makes you the office hero by providing real solutions for manager development (win, win!)

HR Leaders and
Managers Love Campfire

Your new superpower? Campfire's hands-free leadership development solutions that your managers will actually use and love.

Not Just Another
(Boring) Lecture

Campfire is fun, immersive, and effective in building strong managers through connected learning, guided discussions, and shared experiences.

Impactful, Affordable Access

High-caliber manager development can be expensive and inaccessible for the majority of managers. Campfire’s innovative format is impactful, accessible, and affordable. No compromises needed.

97% of managers who try Campfire say they wouldn't want to lead without it!

65% of Americans would choose a new boss over a salary increase.

Only 15% of companies have a leadership development program.

Stop Checking Boxes,
Start Changing People

How do you build authentic, innovative leaders? Through authentic, innovative learning.   Campfire turns managers into powerful leaders by blending the magic of peer connection and interactive learning with scalable technology that works for companies of any size.

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What Makes
Campfire Different?

Campfire isn’t just another static lecture. Our interactive, guided learning groups offer true community and innovative tools.

Fun, Interactive Content

We learn better when we’re enjoying ourselves. That goes for managers, too! Our sessions cover everything from giving feedback to managing burnout.

Convenient Lunch-and-Learn Format

Let’s face it: 90-minute lectures are too long. We offer bite-sized, 45-minute sessions with flexible scheduling and convenient times (like lunch breaks!).

Managers Learning from Managers

Management can be lonely. Campfire connects managers in guided discussions (called Campfires!) to connect, collaborate, and develop leadership skills.

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