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Learn Better, Lead Better

A Practice Lab for Leadership Development

At Campfire, we believe real learning comes from experience, practice, and mentorship. A static lecture or boring training video can’t teach you to ride a bike—or become a better manager! Our content is immediately applicable to the challenges you’re facing.

Real Support for Modern Managers

Management can be lonely and stressful—especially with the new demands of a post-pandemic, hybrid workplace. Campfire’s one-of-a-kind interactive classroom connects you with peers dealing with similar challenges for meaningful learning and interaction.

Stronger Managers,
Healthier Teams

When you lead more effectively, the results speak for themselves. Teams become more cohesive, employees feel happier, and everyone does more meaningful work.

Immersive and Fun

We learn better when we’re having fun. Campfire’s interactive sessions don’t feel like meetings or lectures. You’ll leave each session feeling empowered and re-energized!

97% of managers who try Campfire say they wouldn't want to lead without it!

65% of Americans would choose a new boss over a salary increase.

Only 15% of companies have a leadership development program.

Learning, Not Lectures

Strong management starts with effective learning. Instead of static lectures, Campfire offers guided peer discussions, assessments, and activities. You’ll leave each session with simple, effective strategies for the problems you face as a manager.

Our scalable, blended learning approach works for managers and teams of all types—especially remote and hybrid!

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Manager Essentials

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager isn’t easy. Campfire's "Manager Essentials" track connects you with other new managers and equips you with the essential skills of a great manager.

Topics covered include:

• Define success, achieve success
• Give your team feedback
• Set clear expectations
• Built trust on your team
• Lead effective meetings
• Make the most of 1:1s

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