Connected coaching

Get a coach
and be a coach

Give all your people the support they deserve

Connected Coaching is an innovative approach to scaling coaching for all your leaders, not just executives. Each session features our Connected Coaching model that participants both experience and learn.

Forget to-do and focus on to-be

get coached

Leaders bring their challenges to our on-demand sessions and receive peer coaching to help them be the leader they always wanted to be.

A chance for practice makes perfect

coach others

Coaching is a skill honed through practice, and your leaders get this practice while supporting their peers with their challenges.

Build a network that’s truly supportive

Build connections

Your leaders will leave every session with a new person in their lasting support network of peers in the Campfire Community.

The Campfire Coaching Model

We studied the components that make 1-to-1 executive coaching successful and used that to create our model for group coaching. Every session includes this framework.

Connected Coaching is still in the works but coming soon!

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