Connected Leadership Assessment

Drive Results Through Human Connection

Nine questions to alignment and outcomes.

Great companies are built by leaders who know how to connect with themselves, their team, and their company. Campfire gives a path to becoming a connected leader, starting with our Connected Leadership Assessment.


Fast and simple - just nine questions so you can finish in minutes, not hours.


Easy to understand results that include tools for immediate use - improve connection instantly.


Aligned with conversation tools and Campfires - intentionally get the most of out Campfire.

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Insights that empower immediate action

Our research-backed framework helps you help yourself and your people

The Connected Leadership Framework helps you to see the relationship between the way you feel at work and your outcomes. Assessment results include prompts for reflection and starting conversations, as well as recommendations on topic specific Campfire session to build your skills.

Connection for your people,
Powerful results for your company

Our assessment gives org-wide insights for admin. Results appear on your company dashboard so you know where your people are disconnected. Set goals and create company-wide initiatives to address trends, and see plans your people are working on.

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