campfire sessions

Build your skills and build your connections

Training and networking all at once

Campfires are 60-minute, skill-building sessions for small groups of learners, accompanied by pre- and post-session content, reminders, action items, and tools. We focus on one skill and create engaging space for peer learning, alongside presenting best practices.

Content Variety

Our sessions zoom-in on specific skills and map back to the areas of Connected Leadership to make intentional development easy.

Custom Video Platform

We used our countless Zoom facilitation experiences to build a classroom for connection: giving a voice to the voiceless and diving deep.

Options for Closed or Open

Learning from people outside your company, or just your folks - both are great. We’ve got options to meet your needs so that your people connect your way.

See it for yourself

Each Campfire session follows an intentional path to fuel reflection, conversations and learning. Check out this demo for insight on how we create the Campfire magic.

We teach the stuff you really want to know

With over 30 different Campfire topics, we’ve got training on what you need (or we can partner to make it). Here’s a taste of what we offer that will leave you wanting s’more:

Habits for Resilience
Magnifying Strengths
Fostering Belonging
Strategic Thinking
Career Mapping
Performance Discussions
Managing Burnout
Craft Actionable Goals
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