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Live, cohort-based learning experiences that cultivate amazing managers without adding to your workload.

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Campfire cohorts of managers learn together how to overcome challenges and achieve outcomes through twice-a-month, inclusive discussions, step-by-step guides and curated, skill-based resources.

Management training isn’t working for anyone

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We expect managers to consume hours of video content or lectures in silence. It doesn’t work and isn’t enjoyable, but we keep doing it.

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We create leadership training for better outcomes, but can’t see them. How often do we see training impact people’s daily work behavior? Not often enough.

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We waste money on leadership development solutions with low usage and little impact. We struggle getting buy-in on “solutions” that just don’t work. Campfire just works.

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Let us take leadership training off your plate

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Even superhumans have limits. You already do more than is possible for one person, that’s why we’re building Campfire to be the easiest people program you run and the best manager training you've ever seen.

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We take care of everything. We handle content, scheduling, facilitation, comms, and feedback for developing great managers. We also send you up-to-date training reports so you’re always in the loop.

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Be proud of what you give them. Campfires are the heart of our business and quality matters more than you can imagine. We deliver experiences you’ll be proud to put your name on.

Leadership training built for how people want to learn

>80% of Campfire content consists of reflection, discussion, practice, and taking action.
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Inclusive discussions and guided activities—no lectures allowed.

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Benefit from and share real-world experience with cohort members

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One-hour meetings fit into every manager’s busy schedule

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Ideas for solving real, everyday problems managers face.

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Immediate insights inspire managers to take action.

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In-the-moment reference cards for every skill and situation

Managers love us (you will too)

We’ve got the stats to prove it.

9.3 out of 10 Campfires are enjoyable
9.2 out of 10 Learning is impactful and useful
96% Would be disappointed if they lost access to Campfire

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We love seeing our customers transform their companies with better leaders.

“Campfire is essential to our strategy of building great managers at Weave. The experience is world-class and the vision is inspiring. We are delivering live learning experiences at scale and quality I never thought were possible.”

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and Development

“The Campfire team have been amazing partners in bringing about our vision for culture and leadership. They are there for our strategic needs and deliver amazing results.”

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“There is no way we could have delivered such an amazing experience for our managers without Campfire. They took care of everything. We love it! We are growing so fast and Campfire is one of the things that keeps everyone feeling supported and connected. It’s one of the best culture drivers we have.”

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“Campfire is changing my company. The things that we learn are showing up in great ways everywhere.”

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Want to see for yourself?

We host free Campfires frequently. You’ll understand it best by experiencing it.

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