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manager essentials

Our Manager Essentials program gives new managers the skills they need to succeed. Managers come together with peers from similar companies to gain confidence in their new role, build a solid foundation of key skills, and become truly effective leaders for their teams. Check out Manger Essentials program highlights below.

Make the Most of 1:1s

Is there a “right” way to conduct one-on-one meetings? This session if for managers to learn and practice techniques to help team members progress in their work and towards their goals.

Lead Effective Meetings

For many managers and reports alike, many meetings feel like a poor use of time. Learn how to plan and lead meetings that stay focused on outcomes and action.

Build Trust on Your Team

Great managers know how to set expectations with their team and hold their team accountable. They also understand how to remove productivity barriers when they inevitably arise.

Set Clear Expectations

The best managers are experts at defining expectations with their team, including what they expect from team members and what team members can expect from them.

Give Your Team Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is challenging, but successful managers know that making a habit of delivering feedback is key to growth and success.

Define Success, Achieve Success

We all want success in our jobs. By communicating a clear understanding of what success looks like, managers and their teams can be more efficient and successful.

Cross-company campfires

Every Campfire subscription comes with unlimited access to cross-company sessions (or "Campfires"). Each Campfire is a 60-minute, expert-guided session where groups of managers from different companies learn together how to become the leaders their teams need. Check out a selection of our session topics below:

Setting the Tone

The best managers lead by example. In this session, managers will learn how to intentionally choose the tone they want to set for their team and how to establish norms to reinforce that tone.

Inclusive Leadership

Dive into the psyche and fuel a desire to have more interpersonal conversations, while testing assumptions we may not be aware of.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can create a struggle with self- doubt, especially when leading other people. Managers will discover why imposter syndrome happens and will explore ways to improve confidence at work.

Constructive Conflict

Conflict happens on every team. With the right tools, conflict can be positive. Managers will learn their natural response and how to help others manage their default response to conflict.

Help Your Team Stay on Track

Managers will identify the ways their team may be losing productivity and will learn strategies to keep people on track, less stressed, and more productive.

Activating Autonomy

Effective managers view the work their teams do as opportunities to create more autonomy. Managers will learn how to increase momentum and velocity on their team by empowering with self-organization and regulation.

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Smart Growth partnership

Disruptions Advisors and Campfire are partnered to deliver a comprehensive learning experience, centered on Smart Growth and fundamental leadership topics.

Smart Growth: Launch Point

On the launch point, individuals are new to a role, facing new challenges, and likely need extra support, while their "fresh eyes" perspective can offer valuable insight. Leaders will learn how to accelerate their growth with a new skill.

Smart Growth: Sweet Spot

This is where individuals are enjoying the challenge—where things are hard, but not too hard, and easy, but not too easy. Growth is and feels fast. Leaders will learn how to maintain momemtum through focus.

Smart Growth: Mastery

If things become too easy, growth slows and people become bored. Growth in mastery comes from big challenges in the current role or in transitioning to a new role. Leaders will learn how to become masters of growth through challenges.