WHY manager essentials?

Instant peer
support system

Managers connect through guided discussion groups and dedicated networking events to form an immediate, lasting support system.

How new managers hit the ground leading

Manager Essentials takes new managers from inexperienced to effective leaders—solving the #1 problem cited by talent leaders.

Manager training...
and then some

On top of attending interactive Campfire sessions, enrolled managers will gain access to an exclusive resource library and other special events.

session topics

Make the Most of 1:1s

Is there a “right” way to conduct one-on-one meetings? This session if for managers to learn and practice techniques to help team members progress in their work and towards their goals.

Lead Effective Meetings

For many managers and reports alike, many meetings feel like a poor use of time. Learn how to plan and lead meetings that stay focused on outcomes and action.

Build Trust on Your Team

Great managers know how to set expectations with their team and hold their team accountable. They also understand how to remove productivity barriers when they inevitably arise.

Set Clear Expectations

The best managers are experts at defining expectations with their team, including what they expect from team members and what team members can expect from them.

Give Your Team Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is challenging, but successful managers know that making a habit of delivering feedback is key to growth and success.

Define Success, Achieve Success

We all want success in our jobs. By communicating a clear understanding of what success looks like, managers and their teams can be more efficient and successful.

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"I am so thankful my company partnered with Campfire to do this. I learned so much as a new manager, and I feel confident in the concepts I learned."
“I’ve been through corporate trainings at other places where you go to a seminar and then come back and nothing has changed. It didn't feel that way with Campfire.”

Manager, Lendio

I loved the format of group discussion because it felt so personalized and targeted to me.”

Manager, Progressive Leasing

“Having a small, consistent cohort made a big difference for me. The topics were also really targeted.”

Manager, Lendio

The Campfire ended up changing my entire day ... Thank you so much for a program that changed my attitude and my actions.

Manager, RainFocus

"I love getting to know people in sessions and having those kumbaya moments."

Manager, Weave

I love hearing others’ ideas and input. Being new to my role, it has been great hearing from those that are more experienced.

Manager, Homie

what to expect

All that and a bag of marshmallows

Manager Essentials isn’t your average training. With a skills asessment to identify areas of development, facilitator-led Campfire sessions with peers, and dedicated connection opportunities, it’s the ultimate new-manager training experience.

Explore the Experience

World-class, just like you

The content that makes up our Campfire sessions is the result of hours of research, decades of cumulative experience, and hundreds of conversations, and is organized to give managers the support they need to be successful from day one.

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Small AND mighty

Manager Essentials cohorts are intentionally small in size (10-15 managers per cohort) and stay the same for the entire 12-weeks, giving managers plenty of opportunities to connect and create a peer support system that lasts long after the 12-weeks are up.

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Trusted, experienced guides

Each of our facilitators has gone through a rigorous application and certification process to learn how to create and hold space for Campfire participants. Many of them are consultants or talent development experts with executive coaching training.

Meet our facilitators
Manager Essentials
A 12-week program designed to get your managers up-to-speed on day one.
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What's included
  • Pre-assessment
  • Kickoff & closing events
  • Six interactive training sessions
  • Post-session summaries & action items
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive content library of tools + templates
  • Ongoing access to Campfire (with subscription)

Who is Manager Essentials for?

We designed Manager Essentials for those managers who have previously received little or no formal management training. For the most part, we expect that to mean managers who are new to their role, but it also includes those with more time in their positions who never received formal training.

I'm an HR leader. Can I enroll multiple managers at my company into Manager Essentials?

Sure thing! In fact, we recommend it. If you click on the "Buy Now" button above, you'll see the option to enroll multiple managers at the same time. From there, you can add as many managers as you'd like, and we'll work with you to get them all onboarded before their cohort start date.

I’ve been a manager for years. Can I still sign up?

Definitely! The Manager Essentials content was specifically designed for managers with little to no prior training. For more tenured managers, we suggest reviewing the complete course syllabus to gauge for yourself if you will find it relevant and useful (hint: we think you will).

What is the process to enroll?

Clicking on the "Buy Now" button above will direct you to a checkout page where you'll tell us how many managers you'd like to enroll and complete payment for the program. Once you've done that, you'll get an email with instructions on setting up your company profile in our app. After which we'll send onboarding emails to each enrolled manager with instructions for signing in, selecting their desired cohort day/time, and taking advantage of the other unique resources available to them.

Do I pick my cohort or is it chosen for me? Who will be in my cohort?

When a manager is onboarded to the Campfire app, they’ll be prompted to select a cohort. Cohorts are based on the time and day of the week of the included Manager Essentials Campfire sessions (ex. Thursdays at 12 pm MST, Fridays at 1 pm CST, etc). Each cohort will be made up of up to 15 managers from various companies across the country.

When are the Campfire sessions held?

Campfire sessions are held every other week at the same time (Ex. Thursdays at 12pm MST, Fridays at 1pm CST, etc.). As part of your onboarding, you’ll select the day/time that works best for you and your schedule.

What if I can't attend one of the sessions?

If you have a conflicting commitment or accidentally miss a Campfire session, don't stress! You'll be able to sign up to attend whichever session you missed with another cohort at a time that works better for your schedule.

What happens after the 12 weeks are up?

After the 12 weeks, managers will have the option to pay for an ongoing subscription to Campfire that includes access to ongoing Campfire sessions on a wide variety of topics, exclusive, members-only content & tools, and more. Right now, these subscriptions are not available on an individual basis, but are offered to groups of managers within the same organization. If you are an HR leader who is enrolling a group of managers into Manager Essentials, expect us to reach out with ongoing subscription options as the course winds down. If you are an individual manager enrolling in Manager Essentials, and are interested in an ongoing subscription, reach out to our customer success team and we’ll find a way to get in touch with your HR person to discuss options.