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From Listening to Launching: Building a Campfire that Works for You.

At Campfire, the things we build are inspired by the conversations we have. We’re excited to share the ways in which we’ve listened to managers and leaders and evolved as a business.

Steve Arntz

Campfire is a company that believes in the power of listening. The things we build are inspired by the conversations we have. We love talking to everyday managers, HR leaders, and company executives, and the discussions we facilitate create space for dialogue and empathy. We have a deep desire to provide universal access to really impactful discussions that help people become something more. Campfire discussions should be a different kind of inclusive – the kind that makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated. 

We’re excited to share the ways in which we’ve listened to managers and leaders and evolved as a business. We hope you’ll find some insights that can help you as a leader or as you look to grow your company.

Campfire was born at the start of the pandemic in January of 2020. One day after setting up our first headquarters (in my basement) the world shut down. Like the rest of you, we’ve since had to ask ourselves some really important questions:

  • What will the world of work look like as the pandemic pushes forward?
  • What must we learn about culture and leadership as we navigate all this change?
  • How can we find the balance of being true to our core while adapting to the new reality?
  • How can we create space for people to do their best work and live incredible lives?

These questions have become more urgent and more pronounced. We have been lucky enough to partner with customers who have helped us to shape some of the answers. We’re building towards a future that is exciting and are seeing opportunities to create new ways of working and learning that are even better than the ways we operated before the pandemic.

Asking these questions has led to some important insights. We’re excited to share more about them in the coming weeks and months, but here’s a teaser:

Management is hard, doing it well matters

We came in hot with the perspective that most managers are not effective but after hundreds of conversations, came away with a newfound respect for the discipline. Leading a team is hard work. When a manager is really effective, it makes a huge difference, but to do it well managers need help. They need:

  • support from other managers facing similar challenges
  • space to talk through experiences and best-practices
  • simple tools that help them make immediate progress 

HR has gone through a major transformation. The pandemic amplified existing challenges and introduced new complexity. Work is changing - where, who, what, how, and even why. The workload for HR leaders has intensified while resources often stayed fixed. HR has become a strategic linchpin in organizations where they might previously have been simply a tactical necessity. Campfire is finding ways to lift burdens and simplify the path to developing managers who are inclusive, supportive, creative, and productive. 

Executives are more focused on people and culture than ever before.  We are in a new era of work with unprecedented choice and mobility for employees who demand flexibility, growth, and purpose. Campfire helps companies build a foundation of trust that helps generate high-speed execution. We provide tools that support a culture of connection and growth.

Today, we are releasing some things that will accelerate us towards this future. We will be able to help and impact even more people. We are excited to share more lessons from our journey and we hope that you’ll find a way to join us!

Here’s what’s new and how you can help:

Cross-company experiences: Until now, we’ve only had experiences with our customers that include participants at the same company. We’re expanding our offering to include new programs and new ways to connect. 

On-demand session schedule: Our new website makes it really easy to experience Campfire quickly. You don’t have to wait more than a few days to get into a session. We’d love for you to join a session and share your thoughts and feedback. We’re hungry to build something managers really love.

Manager essentials curriculum: We’ve poured our hearts into a new program that we’re excited to share with you and our customers. The program is a six-week experience where participants support each other in learning the fundamentals of leading a team. You can help by scheduling time with us to share your perspectives. 

In short, we’ve built a Campfire that can help and support more people. We’ve thought through and re-designed every aspect of our business and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

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