#bestmanagerever Newsletter Issue 7

Today we’re talking about breaks, break downs (v), and breakdowns (n). But don’t worry, we promise today’s letter is as constructive as ever.

We’re back!

And we’re ready to bring you some seriously awesome resources to break up the work week. Today we’re talking about building bridges, improving concentration, and making promises.

Let’s dig in:

Read this:

Sometimes (almost always) expectations don’t meet reality, and I think we can safely say that’s true of the internet-era workplace. The promise of a more interconnected world hasn’t extended to all facets of life, and what many expected would bring office workers closer together has actually siloed them further. With many offices choosing a blend of in-person and virtual attendance, it’s important to know how to keep individuals engaged and an organization working in sync for a common goal.

The burden of breaking down silos tends to fall on managers, so if you could use a few tips to lead bridge-building meetings, read this.

Watch this:

Did you know that taking short “microbreaks” during your workday can improve your ability to concentrate and reduce burnout? Take a moment to give your brain a break from the task at hand.

Refill your water, tea, or coffee and watch something from this playlist for a pick-me-up with your mid-day pick-me-up.

Check this out:

Can making promises as a manager help you build trust and lead more intentionally? Building trust requires more than words of promise, it takes time to prove that the promises aren’t broken. Consider what goals your team could achieve with a manager who has made and kept big commitments.

If you need a breakdown of how a manager can make high impact promises to drive trust check this out.

Try this:

Popping bubble wrap is a well-known stress reliever, and so universally enjoyable that the Pop it fidget toy is enjoyed by both toddlers and adults. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about flattening a row of bubbles, watching cars get demolished in a garbage compactor, or blending ice cubes into oblivion. If your team has had a stressful quarter, consider taking them to a rage room—a place where you break things for fun and hopefully release stress along the way.

If your usual stress-relief tactics aren't quite cutting it, try this.

Get this:

Breaking bad habits is hard. Whether it’s going to bed too late or eating too much sugar, the things we do often become routines that our bodies are used to. The key to change is to make new habits, and while it might take a moment for our brains to adjust, once new habits are in place our bodies treat those changes as the new routine.

If one of your goals is to be more productive, get this.

Oh, and don’t forget to sing this the next time you sit down to break-fast.

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