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What do Ted Lasso, a marshmallow, and Marie Kondo all have in common? You'll have to read this newsletter to find out...



What are you doing here?! Oh, sorry I forgot. You’re here for more of the best manager tips, tools, and techniques a leader can get. Here they are, as promised:

Read this:

How did Ted Lasso, a college football coach from Kansas who knows nothing about soccer, earn the respect and trust of an entire English soccer club? That’s a good question, but an even better one is, what things can you steal from Ted’s trust-building armory?

Here’s one: Allow people to be more than their worst moments. In other words, be a goldfish.

If you need inspiration for gaining the trust of your team (especially the ones you may not immediately see eye to eye with), read this.

Watch this:

Would you rather your team fail once, or fail a dozen times? Wait! Before you answer that…

If you want a way to show your team the power of iteration using a marshmallow and a handful of spaghetti, watch this.

Check this out:

When faced with a problem, most of us immediately begin looking for the best possible solution. But instead of jumping straight to solutions, what if we spent more time examining the problem(s) at hand? Laura Flessner would argue the extra time is worth it to focus our energy and see better results.

If you are interested in making massive progress quickly, check this out.

Try this:

With so many of us working from home at least part-time, the term ‘home office’ has taken on a much looser definition. For some, it’s a dedicated office with a desk and swivel chair, but for others it might be a barstool at the kitchen counter or a beanbag chair in an unfinished basement. Whatever it is, there’s a good chance that unless you’re the next Marie Kondo, your WFH space has been invaded by clutter. The bad news is that when it comes to organizing, you’re likely on your own. The good news is that we found a video that can help you get started.

If your WFH setup is looking a little disorganized, try this.

Get this:

It’s 2019. The whiteboard in the conference room is clean and the smell of fresh Expo markers hangs in the air. The stage is set for your team’s next great brainstorm.

Now it’s 2022. Your team is spread out across the country and every virtual whiteboard app you’ve looked into requires a license, team invites, and has more features than you could ever want. “If only you there was a virtual equivalent to a basic, conference room whiteboard,” you think.

If the whiteboard is your collaboration tool of choice, but you work with a distributed team, get this.

Oh, and don’t forget this.

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