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Goooood morning managers!

Issue Four of the #bestmanagerever newsletter is here and (dare we say) it’s our best one yet. Read on for the best advice a manager can get on everything from motivating your team to declining unnecessary meeting invitations.

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“I believe that we don’t need another person’s opinion about what it takes to be a great manager.” That’s how Russ Laraway, author of “When They Win, You Win”, starts this interview with First Round Review. He then says, ​​“Instead… we need a simpler leadership approach that measurably and predictably delivers more engaged employees and better business results.”

He goes on to discuss critical elements of manager success and how to improve on them. He also touches on some of the less-often talked about reasons why managers struggle and, sometimes, even fail.

If simple is your advice of choice, and you’re looking for ways to improve as a manager, read this.

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How do you motivate your employees? Whatever your answer, chances are there are better ways, at least, according to Dan Pink

If you struggle to find the right ways to motivate your team, watch this.

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As a manager, feedback from your team members isn’t often offered unless you ask for it. Even then, the feedback you get might be surface level or, even worse, sugar-coated. So how can you get your direct reports to be transparent with their thoughts of you and your management style? Elisa Garn will tell you it all starts with the right question.

If you’re desperate for more honest feedback, check this out.

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Regardless of industry, company size, or department, every manager should be incorporating conversations about mental health into their one-on-one meetings with direct reports.

For many, mental health is a difficult topic to broach. We don’t know what to say, what questions to ask, or how to help those who might be struggling. What we need is a starting point. Enter Levi Lindsay.

If you want to prioritize mental health but aren’t sure how to start, try this.

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Yes! Sure. I’ll be there. I can do that. Of course! Yep. You bet. I’ll make it work. No problem

The culture of saying “Yes” to everything is one that has slowly but insistently worked its way into nearly every workplace, resulting in overflowing calendars and tasks that never get done. Learning to say “No” in the right situations is the ultimate productivity hack for managers, but it’s one that many of us have a hard time doing.

If saying “No” is something you struggle with, get this.

Oh, and don’t forget this.

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