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Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Whether it’s you, your colleague, or your cat, use some of these tools to help with the process of getting unstuck.


Action after deliberation might just sum up our entire existence. But whether you’re facing decision fatigue, unable to contextualize your options, or paralyzed with doubt, not knowing how to move forward will invariably leave us taking the route of inaction—a choice in itself.

If your leadership skills could use some help when you or your team is having a hard time calling the shots, this issue is for you.

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Moving beyond personal mental blocks or uncertainty to inspire a healthy, functioning team is paramount for leaders. Once you have recognized you are at an impasse, you need to engage your imagination to see possibilities, recognize patterns across your past decisions, and finally take action to change. Business psychologist Timothy Butler’s book, “Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths,” directs you through these phases in six steps. The end goal is to help you make decisions that will turn your vision into a daily reality.

If you could benefit from some personal perspective to help you move forward, read this.

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Do you ever justify your procrastination by determining you will “think about it,” only to hit the snooze button on the issue until it comes up again? If this is a common occurrence for you, you may benefit from having a clear protocol for yourself on what “thinking about it” really means. Determine what the next step to get the information you need will be so that you are no longer holding back on making a decision.

If you need some ideas for what that next step might be, watch this.

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How do you react when one of your employees seems to freeze? Do you step in and make the decision for them? Rather than taking away their authority or responsibility (as well as a learning and growing opportunity), try instead to determine how you can help your team members reach a conclusion on their own. This requires a team culture that is open, accepting of mistakes, and empowered.

If you want to read more about how to help your team move forward, check this out.

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When you’re stuck in a tough spot, sometimes the only thing to propel you to action is a time limit, team pressure, and lots of creative thinking. The game Taboo combines all three of these elements with the added bonus of a fun time and low stakes. No problem if some or all of your team is remote, there are online and mobile friendly game platforms that can split the participants into two teams of 2-6 players.

If you want a fun, collaborative game that challenges your team to work around barriers, try this.

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Sometimes you need a fresh perspective to move forward as you make decisions. Changing your approach can help you visualize potential consequences so you are better prepared to handle chain reactions. A decision tree is a useful tool to help you explore possibilities and predict outcomes. This can be as simple as a diagram with yes/no options on a whiteboard, or as complex as a program displaying probabilities and risks.

To work collaboratively on a decision tree as simple or complex as needed, get this.

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