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Join us in this 6-session track to gain the foundational skills needed to lead a team. You will connect with other new managers and access practices and tools that you can use immediately for success in your role as a manager.

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6 Campfires
45 Minutes each

About this series

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager isn’t easy. The skills that make you a great team member are often different than the skills you need to lead a team. In this series we will equip you with the essential skills of a great manager. You’ll discover the practices that simplify your role and give you patterns to follow that you can implement immediately.


Define Success, Achieve Success

We all want success in our jobs. With a clear understanding of what success looks like, your team can be more efficient and successful.

Give Your Team Feedback

Giving constructive feedback can be challenging, but succcessful teams know what they’re doing well and what they need to improve.

Set Clear Expectations

The best managers are experts at defining expectations with their team, including what you expect from team members and what they can expect from you.

Build Trust on Your Team

Know how to set expectations with their team and hold their team accountable. Everyone experiences productivity barriers at times and we’ll help them learn how to remove those barriers for themselves and their team members.

Lead Effective Meetings

For many managers, most meetings feel like a poor use of time. Learn how to plan and lead meetings that stay focused on the outcomes you need.

Make the Most of 1:1s

Is there a “right” way to conduct one-on-one meetings? Help your team members progress in their work and towards their goals.

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Campfire is loved by managers at:

97% of managers who try Campfire say they wouldn't want to lead without it!

65% of Americans would choose a new boss over a salary increase.

Only 15% of companies have a leadership development program.

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